Top Reads: October 2018

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After my (slightly late) roundup of what I read in September, I’ve got what I read in October ready to go… A great blog post over at the Good Book Company, ‘When Depression Makes Church So Hard‘. TLDR: Read this … Continued

Book Review: Theology of the Body

Every now and again, I’m privileged to be at conferences meetings or events that I wouldn’t expect to be. One of the best things about this random trait of my experience of life has been free books. Recently, I was enjoying … Continued

Blogging as one under authority

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​ Speaking as a white under 30 conservative evangelical charismatic Christian male human who works in Digital, I couldn’t help but notice a rather provocative article hosted over at Christianity Today about authority and blogging. You should read it before … Continued

Book Review: Self, World and Time

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To my shame, this blog has not featured Oliver O’Donovan’s writing nearly as much as it should. This is largely because I’ve read far less than I’d have liked to by this point. Fortunately, as this excellent review over at Reformation … Continued