God With Us: ​The contribution of Rowan Williams for a Vineyard Sacramental theology of Worship’

I am looking forward to presenting a very tentative debut paper at the SST 2017 Conference at the University of Nottingham. My paper sits in the Sacramentality, Liturgy and Theology stream, and echoes a number of my interests at this … Continued

Book Review: Knowing Christ

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This review will be published, depending on when you read it, in ‘Foundations’ the theological journal of Affinity. It is reproduced in shorter form here. Nearly 50 years ago the great Evangelical theologian J. I. Packer wrote and published Knowing God. That … Continued

Just Theology? The 2017 VCUKI Theology Symposium

Echoing an old guest post on the first VCUKI Symposium, and the second one, the following is shamelessly borrowed from my friend Neal Swettenham, Theological Coordinator for Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland! Is our theology just theology or a Just … Continued

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